Electronic resources for language professionals - TÄYNNÄ

10.10.2017 17-19

Käännösalan asiantuntijat KAJ, Helsinki
For members of KAJ and NEaT 20,00 € (ei sis. alv)

Have you ever wondered what on-line tools other language professionals use to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their work? In this course we will look at some of the cutting-edge resources that can be found on the net. We will discuss and practise using easily-accessible aids such as corpora, concordancers and vocabulary profiles.

Whether you work with translating, editing, teaching or writing this is a great opportunity for you to update your working toolbox.

Teacher: Rebecca von Bonsdorff. Rebecca is a published author, teacher, editor and translator. She has been working with and studying the English language for the past 14 years.

The course is open to KAJ and NEaT members. Participants need to bring their own laptops.

Sign up by 2 October at the latest.

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