Translation Industry Professionals KAJ

Translation Industry Professionals KAJ is the trade union in Finland that represents multilingual communication professionals. Our members work in professions such as translation, interpretation, technical writing and project management or as specialists in localisation and communication in different fields. In other words, we represent the interests of language and communication experts who are specialists in Finnish, other languages or both.  

We currently have and represent approximately 2,300 members. The vast majority of our members are employed by others, but over 10% are self-employed. KAJ also represents university students majoring in translation and language studies. 

Translation Industry Professionals KAJ was founded in 1979 and was originally called Kääntäjien ammattijärjestö. The name of the organisation was changed to Käännösalan asiantuntijat KAJ ry/ Translation Industry Professionals in 2009.

Translation Industry Professionals KAJ is a non-political trade union.

As a union, we belong to Akava Special Branches and therefore as a KAJ member, you are also entitled to all the member services and benefits provided by Akava Special Branches.

Translation Industry Professionals KAJ is a member of the following organisations:
Akava Special Branches
The Finnish Terminology Centre TSK
EULITA, the European Legal Interpreters and Translators Association

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