Akava safeguarding our interests

The organisation of Finnish labour market is based on collective agreements between employers and employees. Both parties are represented by their own unions, labour market organizations i.e. the confederations of employee unions AKAVA, STTK and SAK together with employer confederations.

Akava, the Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland, is a trade union confederation for those with university, professional or other high-level education.

Together with other central confederations, Akava conducts negotiations over collective wage and labour agreements. The social partners' negotiation mandate includes unemployment benefits, pensions, financial support to adult education and individual work time account schemes.

KAJ is an affiliate of Akava Special Branches and Akava Special Branches is an affiliate of Akava. 

Through collective agreements, Finnish working life has been developed and improved significantly and the tripartite system has ensured various improvements that are almost taken for granted by all Finns:

  • 8-hour working day 1917
  • Four weeks annual holiday 1971
  • Holiday pay compensation 1972
  • Maternity leave 7 months 1974
  • Renewal of sickness and maternity allowance 1981
  • Earnings-related unemployment benefit 1984
  • Law on equal opportunities 1987
  • Restrictions on the renewal of fixed term contracts 2003
  • Job alternation leave 2009
  • Change security for dismissed employees 2010
  • Five weeks paternity leave 2010
  • Renewal of paternity leave 2013

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