KAJ and Akava Special Branches

To develop the working life of multilingual communication professionals, KAJ works in close cooperation with Akava Special Branches. We support and help Akava Special Branches in their development work and assist in solving ongoing issues. We function as the expert source of information in all issues related to translation, interpreting and multilingual communication industries. KAJ is represented in various different positions in the bodies and the Board of Akava Special Branches.

KAJ members are entitled to all the services provided by Akava Special Branches, including legal and expert advice on issues and problems at work, contracts, salary negotiations, etc. Read more about membership benefits and career services.

KAJ representatives in the bodies and boards of Akava Special Branches

  • The Board
  • The state advisory board
  • The private sector advisory board
  • The municipality advisory board
  • The university division
  • The committee of independent professionals and entrepreneurs
  • The union meetings

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