KAJ’s assemblies are open for all members and are held twice a year. The assembly in the spring is held annually by the end of March and the autumn assembly by the end of November.

The spring assembly agenda includes the financial statement and the annual report from the previous year. The members of the board and other answerables are also granted discharge in the annual spring assembly.

The autumn assembly agenda includes the operating plan and budget for the year ahead. The membership fee for the coming year is also confirmed. The chairman of the board is selected for a two-year period and the members of the board are confirmed for the next two years.

The members of the board are selected in such a way that all the different sectors (public, municipalities, private and entrepreneurs) are represented, if possible. In addition to the chairman, there are six to eight actual members and two substitute members on the board.

The assemblies are announced in good time prior to the meetings in the Events section on the KAJ website (not available in English).

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