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Translation Industry Professionals KAJ is an association for multilingual communication professionals. You can become a member if you are a translator, interpreter or other multilingual communication professional or a teacher or a researcher of translation and interpretation.

You should join our association already when you are studying. We accept as student members all students who are aiming to work in a profession in the field of multilingual communication.

We accept both employee as well as self-employed/ entrepreneur/ freelance members.

We serve our members in all phases of their working career and we work to ensure that the future of multilingual communication professionals is bright.

By paying your membership fee you are entitled to the benefits and services of both KAJ and Akava, and the unemployment benefit services by the Unemployment Fund for Higher Educated Employees Erko.

If you are self-employed, you can join the Ammatinharjoittajien ja yrittäjien työttömyyskassa (AYT) or Suomen Yrittäjäin Työttömyyskassa (SYT) to receive unemployment benefits.

Fill in the application form on Akava Special Branches website.

If you are changing a union to become a KAJ member

  1. Fill in a membership application form
  2. Indicate in the application that you want your membership to start on the first day of the following month. That way it is easier for you to pay your membership fee correctly. If you don’t indicate the starting day of your membership, your membership starts on the day we receive your application.
  3. You will receive confirmation in two weeks from joining. When you have received a written confirmation from Akava Special Branches, please send a resignation in writing to the union you transferred from and make sure you indicate that you are resigning on the same day that your membership in KAJ has started.
  4. Remember to resign from the union you are transferring from and join the new union within one month to keep your unemployment fund membership undisturbed. That way you ensure that the already accumulated condition transfers with you. Pay your membership fee to your previous union based on their rules and conditions to make sure that the membership in the unemployment fund is undisturbed.

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