Leisure travel and accident insurance 

As a member benefit you will receive leisure travel and accident insurance from Turva insurance company. Your insurance number is printed on your member card.

Please note that your travel insurance does not include baggage insurance.

Who is insured?

Members of Translation Industry Professionals KAJ who are under 68 years of age are insured. Insurance is connected to your membership. If you choose to leave or your membership is terminated, your insurance cover will expire immediately. When you turn 68 years of age, you are covered by the insurance until the end of the year you turn 68.

More information on the insurances and insurance conditions is available in Finnish:

Leisure travel insurance
Leisure accident insurance

Professional liability and legal expense insurance

Our members are insured for losses and injuries incurred during the pursuit of their professions.

You are covered by the professional liability and legal expenses insurance if:
  • you are employed by another person/company/organisation,
  • you are self-employed and own the company alone and have no employees,
  • you are a trainee.

You are covered by the insurance on matters that are related to your employment contract or matters related to practising your profession as a self-employed person. As a student member, you are insured in matters related to your studies or traineeship.

To receive reimbursement, you must have been a member of the union for a minimum of ten months and must have paid your membership fees. If you have been our member for less than two years, the cause or the reason for the claim must have occurred during the time you have been a member.

More information on the insurance and insurance conditions is available in Finnish.

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