Membership fee

By paying the membership fee for KAJ, you will be entitled to the benefits and services provided by KAJ and Akava Special Branches and as an employee, also the benefits from unemployment fund Erko.

We accept both employees as well as self-employed, entrepreneurs and freelancers as members.

As a student aiming to work in the multilingual communication field, you should become a member already while you are studying.

Our membership fee is 1,1 % of your monthly main source of income that is subject to income tax. Self-employed and entrepreneurs pay EUR 200 in total annually.

The membership fee is paid to Akava Special Branches’ account
IBAN: FI26 1521 3000 1062 05

The reference numbers to be used while paying your membership fee are posted to you by mail and, if needed, you can also order them online on Akava Special Branches website.

The membership fee is tax-deductible.

Read more about the membership payments and, for instance, about situations when you are entitled to an exemption from the membership fee.

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