Keep your membership information up-to-date!

To ensure that you receive all possible assistance and support, and benefit from all the services available to you, remember to update your membership information every time your contact details or work situation changes.

By keeping us informed of your current job title and other details, you help us safeguard your interests accurately. Based on your job title and paid membership fees, we also collect information to our salary statistics, which can be utilised in salary negotiations with potential and existing employers.

You can update your information on the Akava Special Branches website.

Please make sure to notify the membership officials of Akava Special Branches of the following changes:
  • changes in contact details
  • employer changes
  • maternity and parental leave
  • job alternation leave
  • unemployment or layoff
  • work or other time spent abroad
  • student: graduation
  • transferring from a salaried employee to an independent professional/entrepreneur

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