KAJ and student organisation

We cooperate with student organisations who represent translation as well as language and culture studies students, and we support their functions in many ways.

For instance, KAJ organises an annual training day for student organisation representatives to discuss current issues in the language industry and education. We want to support student organisations when they safeguard the interests of their members, but the cooperation also gives us the opportunity to receive information on, for instance, how education in the field should be developed.

KAJ also organises, in cooperation with the student organisations, different kinds of events and lectures. The contents are planned in such a way that they meet the needs of our members and students. Therefore, we want to know what you are interested in and what we could do for you.

Examples of events we have organised:
  • student organisation day in March–April, since 2008
  • career events: translation as well as language and culture studies alumni share their career stories
  • working life info events: KAJ experts give presentations on working life topics such as working conditions, salaries, employee rights and duties.

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