Student member benefits

As a student member, you are entitled to all the services and benefits provided by KAJ and Akava Special Branches.

You can receive guidance on how to write a CV and resumé, and on how to plan your career.

You can also utilise our salary statistics, get consultation on issues related to salary negotiations and you can contact the legal advisers at Akava Special Branches, for instance, to get an opinion on your work contract before signing it.

It is important to note also that if you work while studying, the work you do may meet the conditions for earnings-related unemployment benefit already while you are studying.

As a member, you are kept informed on issues and news in the translation and interpretation industry and can grow as part of the professional community already during your student years.

We also provide assistance on selecting a topic for your master’s thesis.

Akava Special Branches has a special webpage for students where you can find information on various student-related topics.

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