Student membership fee

If you are a working student member, you are entitled to pay a membership fee that is 1% of your salary. In addition to your salary before income taxes, a membership fee must be paid for your holiday pay, benefits such as lunch vouchers or phone benefit as well as on earnings-related unemployment allowance.

If you do not work as a student, you do not have to pay a membership fee. A membership fee is not paid for a grant or benefits paid by Kela, such as student allowance.

The membership fee covers all available services and benefits provided by KAJ, Akava Special Branches and the unemployment fund Erko (if you choose to be a member). When you have paid your membership fees promptly, you are likely to meet the conditions for earnings-related unemployment benefit.

How do I pay my membership fee?

You can pay your membership fee yourself or give a mandate to your employer to pay the membership fee directly from your salary. 

If you pay your membership fee yourself, do the following:

1. Calculate your salary before income tax over a period of one month and other possible earnings prior to taxes, such as lunch vouchers, culture vouchers and phone benefit.

For example: You work for two employers in January. You receive a salary from both places and a receipt of your salary at the end of February. Your salary in total is EUR 420.

2. Calculate how much 1% of your salary is in euros. That is your membership fee for January.

For example: Your salary in January was 420 euros. You membership fee is 420 x 0.01 = 4.2. Your membership fee in January is 4.20 euros.

3. Pay your membership fee using the reference number list you have received by post.

The bank details for paying your membership fees:
IBAN: FI26 1521 3000 1062 05

For example: Your January membership fee is paid using the January reference number, although you will receive your salary in February.

The membership fee reference number is different for each month. Please remember to use the correct reference number for each month. If you do not know your salary by the due date, you can use the reference number for a payment also later, as soon as you know your salary.

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