Career consulting

When you are planning on making a new career move or are looking for a job, we are here to help.

We provide support on career planning, job hunting and on how to develop yourself further in your current position.

You will receive guidance on the latest job hunting procedures, tips on how to write a job application and resumé, as well as consultation on how to succeed in job interviews.

Our career planning services will help you to present your strengths and goals as well as on how to integrate working life with family life.

On developing yourself in your job, we offer assistance on how to recognise your strengths and how to manage performance appraisals and salary negotiations. You may also receive guidance when considering a change of job.

Career consultation is a free service for our members and it is carried out by phone, so it does not matter where you are located. The tools that best suit your needs are selected for your use. The tools will help you organise and summarise your skill pool and interests and weigh up the different options available to you. Discussions with your counsellor are confidential.

You will need your membership number to book an appointment with your counsellor. Your membership number is printed on your member card. If you have lost your card, please contact the Akava Special Branches member services: or by phone 0201 235 370.

A selection of job openings have been specifically collected for Akava Special Branches members’ employment fields in the Monster job search service. Via the international Monster cooperation network it is easier for you to look for a job on all five continents. You can also set up a job watch service to simplify your job search.

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