Earnings-related unemployment allowance for an entrepreneur

If you as an entrepreneur become unemployed, you can receive unemployment benefit either from Kela or, if you are a member of an unemployment fund for entrepreneurs, you can receive earnings-related unemployment allowance.

To be entitled to an earnings-related unemployment allowance, you must have ended all your entrepreneur-related work. A clarification on this is carried out by a TE office, where you must be registered as unemployed to receive benefits.

There are two unemployment funds for entrepreneurs:

Ammatinharjoittajien työttömyyskassa (AYT)
Suomen Yrittäjäin Työttömyyskassa SYT

When you join an unemployment fund for entrepreneurs, you will select the level of your earnings potential that is also the basis for your earnings-related unemployment benefit. The insurance level you have chosen at the beginning and maintained through your membership must be a minimum of EUR 12 326 per year, and it can be only as high as is the annual income your pension insurance is based on.

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